By Bert Bossink

Every year Dutch Radio 2  transmits  a "Top 2000  favourites record" program.  The program makers invite the listeners to submit a list of 5 of their favourite songs from the 40,'s,50's,60's, 70's,  80's & 90's. The song with  the most nominations get into the number one spot and so on. This  top 2000 charts has been transmitted  from 26th of December till 31 December,  24 hours a day.

 To our surprise Jim has done very well because his three famous songs which are voted into the top 2000 charts are:

No.1334: He'll have to go

No.1335: Distant drums

No. 1289: I love you because


This is no disappointment   for Jim Reeves fans, as there were only 3 records of Buddy Holly, another great hero from the 50's , in the top 2000 charts.  He had died 5 years earlier than Jim Reeves.

 Listeners could also sent in stories about their memories of the songs which were voted into the top 2000 and two people did sent a strange story about "Distant drums" one was called: "DISTANT DRUMS ON THE TOILET" en the other one "SHE STILL KEEPS PLAYING 'DISTANT DRUMS" AGAIN AND AGAIN".

 On the 9th of January 2007 I'm going to the studio of RADIO 227 to record a special guest program on the program of DICK ZUYDWIJK for two hours. It gives me also the chance in my program to play a few songs of Jim Reeves including "AURA LEE" "IT TAKES A WORRIED MIND"   - JIM REEVES & JUNE CARTER, 'DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS" - JIM REEVES, CHET ATKINS, ANITA KERR SINGERS, BOBBY BARE & GUS BACKUS (FROM GERMANY).

We will play also Jim's "I GONNA CHANGE EVERYTHING" which was played a lot on RADIO LUXEMBURG in 1961 and stayed for ONLY ONE WEEK AT NR. 50 at the British Charts by the Record Retailer. We will also play some attention to CINDY WALKER so it will again another song of Jim Reeves, Elvis Presley and many others.

You can receive Radio 227 on the internet: www.radio227.nl   and select  the program of Dick Zuydwijk.