We had been planning a special issue of the Fan Club Scrapbook for the occasion of 40th anniversary of Jim’s death. It was supposed to be published around the date of the October 24th meeting, last year. 

The production  got  much delayed, and we’ve expanded it from the intended 35 pages to around  60 pages!  It has reproductions of letters and other documents relating to Jim Reeves provided by five American Fan Club members,  in alphabetical order: Mr. Frank C. Anderson, Mr. Ron McBride, Mr. Andy Goddard, Mr. David Ray, and Ms. Connie Sanders. 

It gives fans a small glimpse into Jim's business and personal affairs and among the documents are personal checks, personal and office letters, a speeding ticket and much more.

Nowhere else will one find these kind of memorabilia published, either in book form or on the internet, and the contents will be interesting to both the amateur historian,  the professional researcher and the common fan!

For non members of the fan club, the price is Euro 20 or £16 for European  orders, and EURO 25,  or $30 for all other orders. An one year membership of the fan club is included in the price.