On 20th of August  2008, Jim would have celebrated his 85th Birthday.  In commemoration of this, the fan held a meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands on Sunday 7 September 2008.

 Special guest would have been one of our Irish members and singer, Oliver Barret. He was hospitalised due to high blood pressure a few days before the meeting and might possibly  be home again next week.   Fortunately  a few weeks earlier, we had been contacted by a fellow Dutchman who searched for a CD with Jim Reeves sound tracks he could sing to. A few days before we got the news that Oliver could not come, I got in touch with that fan and asked him to sing a song over the phone. The sound was very satisfying and he was invited to sing a few  songs at the meeting.

 Well, Piet Bakker saved the day, so to speak. He'd just travelled 160 kilometres from a church service he'd been preaching earlier. We all enjoyed  his performance of 14 Jim Reeves' songs.



There were a few tributes to Leo Jackson, a Powerpoint presentation of pictures and music by Gerard van der Linden and some video footage I had taken of Leo talking about Jim Reeves  in Nashville, in 2001.

 Some 40 fans, including some foreign,  enjoyed again a wonderful afternoon among other Jim Reeves Fans. They left for home with a happy smile on their faces!


 This was the 25th meeting of Jim Reeves fans in The Netherlands within 33 years, worth an entry  in the Guinness Book of Records, I presume? I doubt there is another country where there have been more meetings of Jim Reeves fans.

 Many interesting articles about Jim Reeves and or his music have been published in the fan club magazine.  Furthermore more than a hundred  of never before published pictures appeared in either the fan club magazine or our web site. We cannot think of any other Jim Reeves organisation who has done more. For what some may call an "un-important and un-official fan club", it is quite an achievement and we are proud of it.