On 20th of August  2008, Jim would have celebrated his 85th Birthday.  In commemoration of this, the fan club has planned a meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands on Sunday 7 September 2008.




Special guest will be one of our Irish members and singer, Oliver Barret.  If you wish to attend the meeting, please send a SAE or e-mail for details.



Oliver Barrett was born in Middleton, Co Cork, Eire on 9th July 1947 and has 5 Sisters and 2 Brothers. His parents had a small band where Mum played Drums and Dad played Piano Accordion. They had no Television so they used to gather with neighbours around an open fireplace singing and playing Traditional Irish music and Country Music.

One day his father arrived home with a record player and an LP of Jim Reeves. Oliver instantly took a liking to Jim's music and collected many of his LP's.

In the early 60's he joined a band in Fomoy called The Zodiacs as a Bass Guitarist with brother Ronnie on Drums. He was with them for about two years then moved on to the 'Breakaways' then the 'Superstars', still playing Bass, then the 'Maurice Mulcahy Orchestra' where he was to sing covers by Demis Rousos,Tom Jones etc, as pop was what was wanted then.

In the mid 70's he formed 'Oliver B and the Carltons, who became quite popular and so decided to make a tape, which they sent to Peter Bardon and Donnie Cassidy (CMR Records), in the hope something may materialise. Oliver was later offered a recording contract and was whisked off to Nashville U.S.A. to record his first professional album, "Yours Love."

Since then he has recorded "Yours Sincerely" and "Is This Me", while his early tape recordings are on "The Oliver Barrett Collection".

Oliver still holds a day job where he drives trucks for a brewery, and then at weekends, he's out performing all round Ireland. Oliver say's his hope's for the future are "to tour Northern Ireland, the U.K. and further afield, to record again in Nashville, and foremost, to keep alive the wonderful treasury of music which JIM REEVES left us."

Biography and picture : courtesy by Oliver Barrett