ISSUE Nr 106


Both the Dutch and English editions of fan club  magazine #106 have been mailed yesterday. Most of the issues will reach the fans before Monday July 31st. The only exception will be the  Norwegian fans which will receive their copy later in the week due to Bjorn Tore Stolen returning from a holiday this weekend.

The main article will feature a transcription  of part of what is believed to have been the first Jim Reeves tribute, by Paul Reed of Radio CJAD in the Montreal area in Canada on Sunday 2 August 1964.

During a conversation with Joyce Gray, presently better known as Joyce Jackson, she mentioned that Jim would have returned to Germany to record an album in German in October of 1964! It shows  how really international Jim was going to be...

By chance,  one of our members found a typed text of a song in German among Jim's papers...We'll report more about this song in issue #107!