For a number of years there has been speculation about the identity of the person whose picture was used on the cover of the album "Songs 
of Love". The picture shows Jim Reeves dressed in a khaki style suit, otherwise known as a "leisure suit".  It's obvious that Jim's face was superimposed on it.



 Nobody could or would publish proof of the identity of that person.  Here we proudly publish a WORLD EXCLUSIVE, not ONE but TWO pictures
 taken at the photo shoot for the album. We provide proof that Harry Jenkins,  former executive at Jim Reeves Enterprises, was the model at the photo  shoot!


 Pictures courtesy of Frank C. Anderson.

During the 33 years this fan club is in operation, we have surprised fans with a large number of rare or previously unpublished Jim Reeves photographs. Many of these pictures have been supplied by members of the fan club.