Postcard, circa 1965


In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the deaths of Jim Reeves and Dean Manuel, we will be arranging for floral tributes to be placed on the graves of both men on July 31st. 

This is an opportunity for you to participate in honoring Jim and Dean. Your donation, of whatever amount you wish to give, will be combined with that of other fans who also feel moved to join in this group effort. We shall  have the names of all contributors on a card with the flowers.

A floral tribute (2nd from the right) by Arie den Dulk and  fan club members, July 31st, 1977 

When Leo Jackson and I visited Deanís grave a year ago, I noticed there was no urn in which to place flowers. I asked for and got permission from his widow, Mrs. Barbara Manuel, to buy an urn to match the color of his grave stone.

Springhill Cemetery, Nashville, April 2003 

If you have ever considered honoring and remembering Jim Reeves by placing a floral tribute on his grave, this is your chance to join with other fans to do it. Now is the time, because none of us knows where we will be ten years from now on the 50th anniversary. 

We are accepting donations for flowers for Jim's grave in Texas and Dean's grave in Tennessee, and also for the flower urn for Dean's grave.  Please write please write to Arie  for details.