Dave Bussey and Mary Reeves at the first fan club meeting at the Nashville Room, London in 1969

The first published reaction by anyone in the UK's Jim Reeves scene to the publication of the new book 'Jim Reeves - his untold story' came with a piece on the David Allan Page of the 501st issue in November of 'Country Music People' magazine when David Bussey's thoughts & feelings were sought.  

A  month after the ballyhoo of the magazine's scoop of its 500th edition, an exclusive 7 page extract 'from the eagerly anticipated book' was printed.  At the point of interview, no one in the UK had read the book, and the only clues to its content came from the website; so Bussey's comments were always likely to be diplomatic & muted.  

As someone who had contributed 'The Jim Reeves Page' to the early issues of 'Opry' magazine (CMP's predecessor) from June 1968, and spent 3 weeks as the guest of Mary Reeves in Nashville in August 1973, ostensibly to research a book on Jim Reeves, he was well qualified to comment on the new book.  

Sadly his book project died a death due to a conflict of interest with his desire to support the music and memory of Gentleman Jim Reeves via the official fan club.  A further completed book by Peter Jones & Tony Byworth was never to see the light of day, thanks to the opposition of Mary Reeves who obsessively guarded an image that would sell records. Bussey will no doubt have extra strong feelings when he finally reads the book after 12 years of waiting.