Those long term Jim Reeves fans in the UK who remember David Bussey, are gobsmacked at the fact that he has suddenly gained absolute  notoriety  because he has dared to express his own opinion on a book on his hero Jim Reeves.  Surely to God, everyone has a right to an honest opinion about anything.  Surely, the author of the book must have realised that at some point, someone was not going to like some of the content, and dare to say so.

His essay was printed in full in the Jim Reeves Fan Club magazine and makes reasonable and valid comment.   At NO point does he attack the author. The essay was sent to Country Music People as support to a letter Bussey had written to the editor, seeking a balanced critique of the book.  It is very interesting to note that at this moment in time, there has been no comment at all from the female of the species.

The author then took umbrage at what he thought was being said in CMP and decided that the best form of defence is attack. He created a blog and went for the jugular.  He thought it would add weight if he included some incriminating audio. Unfortunately, he broke UK  law by using secret tape recordings he had made during 2 long conversations with Bussey who had no idea he was being recorded.

In order to right any wrong, Bussey will be taking legal action.  He has already been in contact with a London solicitor, and has to decided whether spending so much money is worthwhile to remove a wart that could reappear in 6 months time. 


From: Chloe Taylor
Sent: Tuesday, April 1To: 0, 2012 10:42 AM
Subject: Your enquiry - defamatory blog

Dear Mr Bussey

Thank you for your enquiry.

We would be delighted to assist in advising you in relation to potential defamatory material and the provenance of such material. We would need to see the blog in question and understand your particular complaints about it, in order to advise you as to the taped conversation we would need details of the conversation, its material, and why you believe it to be connected to the blog (this may appear self-explanatory when you know both the conversation and the blog but we would just need to ensure that we had the full picture in order to advise you).

To review the material and advise you and to draft a letter to the person behind the blog requiring its removal will typically take in the region of 3-4 hours, at our hourly rate of £250 plus VAT.

In terms of next steps, please do send through further details and we can arrange a time to have a quick chat about this.
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For those who haven't yet read the full essay, here's your chance, and decide what all this bloomin' fuss is about. Due to space restrictions the complete article could not be reproduced. The text in red was omitted.




by David Bussey

The legend that is Gentleman Jim Reeves, born in 1964, is at the crossroads and is under serious threat.

The dictionary defines legend as “a popular story, handed down from earlier times, whose truth has not been ascertained”. The man Gentleman Jim Reeves became legendary around the world, thanks to a God given talent to be able to entertain and communicate with all manner of humankind through his music which seemed indefinable and was capable of touching the very soul.

Those listeners who became staunch fans, couldn’t have cared less about personality and “ascertaining truth”, as they soaked up those velvet tones coated in a genuine warmth, loyalty, honesty, sincerity and truth. The quality of spirituality was mentioned too.

They weren’t as was suggested, “the lunatic fringe of the Jim Reeves fan scene”, but rather ordinary people with a humanity and love for a particular style of music and performer in whom they believed and trusted. This music and personality cried out for their loyalty, support and heartfelt love in order for its continued success, longevity and survival.

And so it has been for 48 years - until now. For those many years we have had a wonderful musical legacy tell the story. But now, suddenly, that doesn’t appear to be enough anymore. The legend is being called into question and threatened in a book whose author shows no empathy, concern or humility for those fans of Gentleman Jim Reeves who are offended and disgusted by some of the content within its 672 pages.

Now, to add further insult to injury, 6 months after publication of the book, we now have on You Tube a 5 minute 27 seconds piece of tasteless (some might say sick) home movie footage of the tragic crash scene, presumably as each frame is festooned with an annoying and unnecessary advertisement for the book, in order to stimulate further sales for the book. The editor has shown a certain compassion for the fainthearted by editing out the gory scenes which no doubt will be used for promotional purposes sometime soon.

It’s a pity he didn’t apply the same consideration and principles on the seedy parts of the book.

This book could have been the book to end all books on the life and times of Gentleman Jim Reeves but has been denigrated by the author’s preoccupation with material and comment more befitting a tabloid newspaper. The sheer weight of material could have filled two books. The first would have contained all the excellent, well-researched, mind-boggling facts and information on the musical life and times of Gentleman Jim Reeves. The other could have been a saucy paperback for those people who enjoy that sort of thing, on the life and times of Hollywood publicist Bea Terry who obviously passed on before putting her memoirs to print. That would have saved her son Don Howard a job. A document search on the book will reveal that Bea Terry gets more referrals than Gentleman Jim Reeves.

The book is a veritable plethora of previously unknown detail , information and suspect gossip, but whether it can be accepted as totally truthful, is always going to be in the eye of the beholder, depending of how much homework you’ve done on Gentleman Jim over the past 48 years. It is not complete and does contain incorrect facts and misinformation. The claustrophobic text does not make for easy reading.

In this respect the book will be a fruitful seedbed for Reeves historians, scholars and researchers seeking to verify, correct or even embellish that disclosed in the book. This vast storehouse of text and factual information must be studied seriously and the wheat separated from the chaff. The knowledge contained therein must not be wasted, and systematic investigation will keep the pundits occupied for years.

But all of this high praise for the serious side of the book’s content, will hardly extinguish the multifarious obsessive mentions of the weaknesses and excesses of man, especially those of a sexual variety. The reader could be forgiven for viewing Gentleman Jim Reeves in today’s climate, as a pervert or sex maniac. The book already had enough magnificent content, without having to resort to dubious tales and the sexual exploits of yet another country music singer with serious frailties undermining his obvious talent.

Dear Mary Reeves, God bless her, managed for so long to keep the music playing and the legendary flag flying. After her death there was no one to rule the roost and successfully carry on her good work. Now there is a new messiah who is hell bent on creating a new script, setting the record straight and rewriting the legend that was Gentleman Jim Reeves.

The legendary songs and music of Gentleman Jim Reeves of the past almost 60 years, must transcend this new 2012 image of the man, created for ego, cheap sensationalism and the almighty dollar. The Reeves fan of today must decide which sort of imagery is best suited to the Gentleman Jim Reeves legacy for time and eternity. Maybe the newer fans will want to accommodate a revised image for their hero after reading the book, but rest assured, those fans in their twilight years prefer to remain with what they have believed in for the past 48 golden years - the music and memory of the legendary Gentleman Jim Reeves.

Two stalwarts of the fan club, Lette Heselton and Joan Narborough (both now sadly deceased), wrote very commendable poetry which appeared from time to time in the club magazine. The following verses were written to celebrate an anniversary of Jim’s death entitled “An Anniversary Tribute Hymn”. The words can be sung to William Henry Monk’s tune “Eventide”. The tune will be familiar as that sung to the hymn “Abide with me” at the F.A. Cup Finals at the Wembley Stadium.

                                                                    You will not die though summers flower and fade,

And music fills the empty year again.

When the last chord is still, the last note played,

Yours is the gentle voice that will remain.

You will not die in the autumn of our years,

From heart to heart you sang that we might know

Beyond the endless sands of time and tears

Flowers of the spirit we could never sow.

You will not die while we can hear you sing,

Or be forgotten as many others are,

Your light will shine through our remembering,

O well-beloved and most enduring star.

The dignified silence of the silent majority speaks volumes at this moment in time. The website posters, Amazon reviewers and others who have lent their support to the book, will one day have to look into their souls. Just what would Gentleman Jim Reeves and Mary think of all this? Turning in their graves comes to mind.