I knew I should have added E&OE (errors & omissions excepted) to my recent essay on Joyce Jackson' listing  "Songs written solely or in part by Jim Reeves".   This is the usual disclaimer if you suspect what you write is incorrect or incomplete. Thanks to a "senior moment" my grand total of 103 songs is rising!
First song I omitted was  "January" or as the Library of Congress says "January, February, March", copyrighted in 1951 and published by Tuckahoe 1962.  It was written by Jim so he has 100% of this one.  He didn't record it but the Blue Boys did.
The 2nd song was  " The Unfinished Melody"  with an  LofC alternate title of "The End of the Line".  Copyrighted in January 1972 as a published song (Tuckahoe), but no mention at all in BMI.  Written by Jim so he's due 100%.   I'm sure Arie told me about a guy approaching him with an acetate demo of this song for sale, but he wanted some silly amount for it.
David Bussey