Jim Reeves sings I LOVE YOU BECAUSE  accompanied only by his guitar, in the Airport Lounge at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Holland on Friday April 17,1964.


RCA and its European partners, including TELDEC and INELCO, for Germany and the Benelux countries respectively, made a lot of effort to promote an European tour which was to be  the first of its kind  and featured the top of the  RCA country music artists. The tour covered most  of Western Europe, except the British Isles, although Jim Reeves attended some promotion activities in England after the tour had finished. The shows received much pre-publicity in many  newspapers and magazines.

The group  consisting of Jim Reeves, Bobby Bare, The Anita Kerr Singers, and Chet Atkins were to  do two shows, one in The Hague at 8 PM. And another one in Amsterdam at midnight. They arrived at the airport after taken a flight from Frankfurt in Germany.

Dutch television wasn’t interested in broadcasting one of the shows on radio or television, but  Dutch television news reported about the arrival of the group, and an impromptu performance by Jim Reeves was arranged in the lounge of the Airport where a  press conference was held, and where country music fans and the press could meet the artists.

For over 30 years the black and white footage was lingering in the archives and was never used. About 10 years ago I approached the Dutch television archival department  with a request to search for any Jim Reeves material  in their archives. They came up with the film clip of the arrival of the group in Amsterdam.  They could not supply a copy of it on video tape but  could arrange a showing of it  in their office.  An appointment was made,  and together with an other member we went to watch it. I was impressed by the brief  performance of Jim, accompanied by only his guitar, which  was done under hectic conditions. Jim stayed cool and controlled and his act impressed the Dutch press very much.  

An extensive report about the shows  in Holland , compiled from reports and interviews in newspapers and magazines, will be printed in the next issue of our fan club magazine.

Since recently, the archives of Dutch radio and television can be researched online on the web at beeldengeluid . It is  even possible to order  a  copy of the film  on VHS tape (PAL only) from the archives  for approx. 40 Euro.

Bear Family has included this short film clip in their 4CD/1DVD boxed set  NASHVILLE STARS ON TOUR  which will be released very soon.